When times are changing,

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Strategic sales consulting & developing since 2001

I am your personal contact to your preferred brand suppliers.


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I look for products and authentic manufacturers worldwide, with whom you can stand out as a dealer against competitors.


My Austrian based agency activates and consults start-ups, also represents traditional, yet innovative artistic and current international manufacturers in home, family lifestyle and design products.

I work as a direct extension of a brand to promote, build and secure their presence in specific European market places.

I appreciate individuality and tailor my sales approach to my clients needs.

Propelled by experience which I love to share, this smart business model allows for personalized and attentive care for those who I represent!

Being an independent agency is fun!

To work with businesses, entrepreneurs and companies that are passionate about their field of work, makes this adventure fulfilling. With my agency, I want to be a reliable, long-term partner where cross-brand working is great fun and produces profit!

I offer a variety of services:

representative brand contact

support brand identity

sales strategy consulting


sharing market experience


custom-made ordering

special offers

photo illustrations

product presentations

demo & workshops

tradesshow performance

DISTRIBUTION is the moment of truth for every brand.

Recognizing the heart and the individual beauty in a brand is my passion. Our shared goal is to profile those brands it in the market accordingly.

The brands that I have grown fond of and represent, I fully support in all strategic and operational issues. The consistent enforcement of the brand in the respective sales channels is daily work and a lot of fun and joy!

We have to think from the customers perspective, we have to think outside-in, because ultimately, it‘s the customers in the respective areas who decide on the success of a brand!


The game

The metaphor of life

Playing cards requires knowledge and expertise,

but just as well that little bit of luck.

Getting this interaction under control

is my agency‘s daily goal.

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I am Tinne Wagner–Van Accom, owner of the agency. After finishing my studies and working as a photographer in Antwerp & Vienna, I choose to work and live in Austria since 1994, but kept a close bond and deep appreciation for my Belgian heritage, wich is where a great deal of understanding retail and marketing comes from and wich I use as a home-base for inspiration to share in advising my clients today. 

I have extensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the local German speaking markets and a credible network to promote brands.

I always draw power and inspiration from traveling a lot, going in to the nature and spending time with friends & family outdoors.


Tinne Van Accom agency has its roots and a long tradition through years of sales experience in Europe, especially Benelux, Switzerland, Austria & Germany.

From building sales structures for new businesses, supporting extraordinary art projects, up to representing strong iconic or traditional brands, I love to share what I learned from partners over the years, offering strategic sales advise and product expertise in Home Design & Kids Lifestyle Business.

A point of honor is made to preserve the soul of brands, with a unique know-how, continuously updated and perpetuating the tradition of design, craftmanship and proven techniques of sustainable quality.

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Wishbone RE2 RAW Regensburg

“je remercie mon ange autricien qui utilise tous ses talents (et ils sont nombreux) pour cette aventure devienne de plus en plus  belle. ”

Sophie, byNebuline-2020

playing with SIESTA brushed organic cotton blanket ...

Carolin, Julica Design-2019

„Vertriebsexpertin und Special Agent für Julica. Tinne ist Fotograf Meister M. Eng. M.A. und ist Mutter einer Tochter sowie eines Sohnes, macht Vertriebsaufbau mit Leidenschaft und besitzt ein besonderes Maß an Intuition. Sie verzichtet nicht auf Kaffee, liebt Autofahren.“

Caro & Tinne KJ2016